Ansara has a passion for jewelry and its significance in the lives of each client. Each piece embodies a philosophy of creating well-crafted, beautiful and endearing objects of adornment. The ultimate goal is to envision and fabricate classic designs with a modern aesthetic. This fresh approach ensures a piece of jewelry that pleases the eye and satisfies the soul.

As an artisan, I am influenced by a tradition of the independent Texas spirit instilled in me by my wildcatting grandfather. Owning silver, turquoise, and diamond mines, he was a man who loved the hunt for precious minerals. Some of my earliest memories are of card tables covered with rugged, uncut beauty. This adventurous spirit is my inheritance, and it has ingrained in me a 'love of the rough'. 

A signature Ansara piece carries a tone of both grit and vitality. True to Texas roots, I handcraft or hand-finish each piece of jewelry in my studio located in the panoramic Texas Hill Country.  Guests are welcome to visit my atelier during by appointment.